October 13, 2008

Current UpDown performance = down 8%

My UpDown account is currently down about 8% since I started in March. Last time I reported my performance on UpDown I was down about 1%. I was down to 14% but it rebounded a lot today.

By comparison the S&P 500 is down about 25% in the same period. So I'm still beating the index by a pretty wide margin.

I bought some AT&T and GE. Both are trading at pretty low values and have decent dividends with both currently yielding over 6%. I figured that you couldn't go wrong with these blue chips and buying them at a low price would be a long term winner.

I also bought more of the Glimcher REIT (GRT). It dropped into the $5 range and its dividends were yielding over 20%. Nothing had changed in the companies financials so it was even more of a good value at this point. That >20% dividend yield was very attractive.

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