October 6, 2008

Foreclosure counts per city on Zillow

The website Zillow.com has listings of houses for sale and it also has the foreclosure homes as well. So you can do a search for an individual city or zip code and then filter it by foreclosures to see the foreclosures in that area. Doing this you can see a rough number for the amount of foreclosures in a city.

For example if I search for Anaheim, California and look for foreclosures it says there are 11,555 foreclosures out of 35,678 total homes. That means that 32% of the homes for sale in Anaheim were foreclosures.

Note that the data on Zillow is not comprehensive and it may be lacking information. I don't know where they get the foreclosure and for sale numbers so it may be lacking some of either. So this is just a rough estimate of foreclosure rates.

Foreclosure listings on Zillow for some randomly selected cities around the country in alphabetical order:

Anaheim, CA = 11,555 out of 35,678 = 32%
Atlanta GA=5742 out of 31808 = 18%
Baltimore, MD =637 out of 12580 = 5%
Boise, ID =1090 out of 12985 = 8%
Cheyenne WY= 31 out of 390 = 8%
Cleveland OH = 1963 out of 11194 = 17.5%
Dallas, TX =10294 out of 46577 = 22%
Denver, CO =8472 out of 24082 = 35%
Detroit MI=7375 out of 26513 = 27.8%
Fargo, SD =28 out of 1826 = 1.5%
Las Vegas = 13453 out of 27837 = 48%
Madison, WI =47 out of 5316 = 0.8%
Nashville TN =619 out of 14003 = 4%
Oklahoma city, OK= 1141 out of 9740 = 11.7%
Orlando FL =3026 out of 18316 = 16.5%
Pittsburgh PA = 368 out of 3802 = 9.6%
Portland OR =1454 out of 15786 = 9%
Richmond VA = 213 out of 3747 = 5.6%
Syracuse, NY =82 out of 1332 = 6%
Wichita, KS =144 out of 3744 = 3.8%

Again, let me point out that this data is probably not the full picture so it may not be a real reflection of the amount of foreclosures in a specific city. I'm not sure of the accuracy of the numbers at Zillow so take this with a grain of salt.

It is pretty clear that some cities have a lot of foreclosures and some cities do not. Madison Wisconsin only has a few foreclosures on the market and Las Vegas has a lot.

Realtytrack also tracks foreclosure rates. This article from last month has foreclosure rates per state and for certain cities.

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