June 18, 2015

Unique and Rare Employer Benefits

I was curious how many employers offer employee stock purchase programs (ESPP).    I found the answer in a report from the Society for Human Resource Management : 2013 Employee Benefits An Overview of Employee Benefits Offerings in the U.S.   The answer is 12%.    The report also has statistics on a wide variety of other benefits that employers might offer.  Some are commonplace like health insurance and 401k plans.   Others are typical perks like free coffee or casual dress day.     Yet other benefits are unusual and obscure like nap rooms or pet insurance.

Some unique or rare benefits offered by companies to their workers and the percent of employers that offer them taken out of the SHRM report :

Bariatric coverage for weight loss 34%
In vitro fertilization coverage 30%
Retiree health care coverage 23%
Smoking cessation program 44%
On-site massage therapy services 9%
On-site nap room 6%
Roth 401(k) savings plan 38%
Employee stock purchase plan 12%
Restricted stock options 10%
Nonqualified stock options 9%
Time off
Paid maternity leave 16%
Paid paternity leave 15%
Paid vacation cash-out option 9%
Paid day off for employee’s birthday 8%
Unlimited paid sick time 3%
Unlimited paid vacation time 1%
Other perks
Free computers for employees’ personal use 6%
Adoption assistance 11%
Babies at work 2%
Casual dress day (one day per week) 60%
Casual dress (every day) 34%
Telecommuting on a full-time basis 20%
 Free coffee 72%
Vending machine snacks and beverages 50% (full or part subsidy)
Organization-sponsored sports teams 16%
On-site haircuts 1%
Pet health insurance 8%
Prepared take-home meals 3%
Employee keeps frequent flyer miles 69%
Rental car upgrades 15%
Paid minibar snacks at the hotel 10%
Paid travel expenses for spouse 7%
Paid pay-per-view movies at the hotel 5%
Company picnic 55%
Pets at work 5%


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