June 28, 2015

Cheapskate Computer Project - June Update

For background see my original post Cheapskate Computer Project and the April update

EDIT :  Double OOOPS!!!    Looks like I forgot to hit submit when I was ordering that motherboard at Newegg.  Thats a bummer.   I went to the newegg site and the item was still in my shopping cart, i see no order in their records and theres no email confirmation of the order.   Sigh.

I haven't had any activity in my computer project since my last update in April.   I just haven't seen any particularly good deals worth doing.   But a good deal came up this week.  

Citibank had a Citiwallet promotion for $20 off of a purchase of $50 or more at Newegg.    By buying with Citiwallet via Masterpass and using CITIWALLET promo code at Newegg you'd get $20 off.   The deal ends July 12th.   [edit :   the Citiwallet promotion is closed now, as they used all the  available discounts]

None of the items on my computer project shopping list were over $50 individually.   I thought about getting the memory and motherboard combined which would run me roughly $70 and I'd save $20 but thats only about 28% savings.    

Instead to maximize the deal I used a free after rebate for a Refurbished battery for $11 with a $11 rebate (ends June 30th) plus the $40 motherboard to pad the purchase up to over $50.  

MSI H81M-P33  motherboard for $40
Refurbished battery for $11 + $2 shipping
CITIWALLET promo - 20
total spent $33

I should also then get that $11 rebate to give me a total net cost of about $22.   I have to buy a stamp to mail in that rebate form so its really more like $22.50 in the end.  

I still need to get a processor and memory.     I think my best shot at getting those at a discount rate is the kind of promo deals like the one I used today with the $20 off for using my Citibank card.

I neglected to use Ebates to make the purchase at Newegg so I lost out on their 1% cashback.   Opps.


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