June 25, 2015

Some Interesting FIndings from the American Time Use Survey

The BLS' American Time Use Survey for 2014 is out. 

Looking at Table 1. Time spent in primary activities and percent of the civilian population engaging in each activity, averages per day by sex, 2014 annual averages

Here's some findings I thought were interesting : 

0.1% of men don't sleep.   It says that 99.9% of the male population engages in the activity so that means 0.1% don't.  Huh.   I suppose they could be pulling an all nighter with double shifts or college students studying all night.   Maybe its just reporting errors but who knows.    It says 100% of women sleep, so good for them.

We spend 8.8 hours sleeping on average.   That seems like a lot to me.  But the averages are raised by kids and retirees and other people who don't work.

4.4% of the population doesn't eat or drink.     This ones difficult to believe, but the study found that only 95.6% of people engage in those activities during the day.   I wonder how it works if someone eats while engaging in other activities?    Or is this really a result of poverty?

20% of people don't watch TV in a given day.    The average time spent is 2.82 hours.   Nielsen studies claim people spend 5 hours a day watching TV.   I prefer to believe the more reasonable ATUS figures.

We spend more time shopping than engaging in religious or volunteer activities.    Purchasing consumer goods averaged 0.36 hours and religion was 0.14 and volunteering was also 0.14.

Women do everything more frequently then men except for lawncare, work and sports.   The biggest difference is work.   47.6% of men work and 36.8% of women do.


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  1. 1. There have been periods in my life where I missed entire sleep cycles, and not by choice. That number indicates 1 in 1,000, with a 5x margin for rounding (i.e. range could be 1/499 or 1/4,999). It's a drag, and I believe it is possible towards the higher end.
    2. Today I sleep 9-10 hours/day, by choice and love it. Sleep, to me, is as precious as the Christmas chocolate bar received each year by Charlie Bucket.
    3. "Some people say, 'I forgot to eat!' You have got to be a special kind of stupid, to forget to eat!" - Marsha Warfield
    4. Nielsen studies are for household, so 5 hours sounds right while 2.82 hours per individual also sounds right.
    5. Makes sense, we need goods and services every day and are willing to trade money and time. Religious and Volunteer activities are a gift of our time, with varying levels of appreciation for which nobody would pay us. YMMV.
    6. Also makes sense, men trading time for money more frequently than women might.


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