May 31, 2012

You Should Love Mopping Floors

Over on FreeMoneyFinance they wrote recently “Do What You Love” Is Bad Advice and in the comments someone quoted this :

"Your work is not supposed to make you feel amazing and wonderful all the time. It’s work."

Exactly.  It's work.   Its called work because its work.  Its not called "happy fun time".

I don't really understand why this expectation that we should love our work started and why so many people buy into it.

I mean what if I started preaching to everyone that you ought to love mopping the floors?   If you don't love mopping your floor then you must be doing it wrong.   Keep changing how you do it until you love it.  If you don't love it then you're the problem.   Is the floor too big?  Well maybe you should downsize your home.   Buy different mops.  Get one of those robot floor things.   I LOOOVE mopping my floors and you should too.   You don't like mopping?   Its you... you're broken.   The only true way to live your life is through loving mopping.

See how silly that sounds? 

Yet so many people want to accept the idea that we should love our jobs.  Why should I be expected to love work any more than I love household chores?

Right about now theres someone out there thinking how they actually DO love household chores.  That person will comment how they love mopping.   This just adds to the silly argument.  Of course some people love mopping floors and some people love their jobs.   But you people are in the minority and that doesn't mean the rest of us are supposed to change our lives to match you.  But those people will be held up as the example.  See?  If Bob loves mopping floors then it can be done.  Look at how happy Bob is.  Why are you so miserable?   You must be doing it wrong.  Have you tried a different brand of cleaner?

We mop the floors because its necessary.   We don't have to love doing it, but we do have to do it. Jobs are similar.   People work at a job because its necessary to earn a living.   You don't all have to love your job but you do have to make a living somehow.


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