May 24, 2012

S&P Credit Ratings for each State

Yesterday we looked at credit ratings for nations.   Today we'll look at the ratings for individual U.S. states.  

Here is the list of the S&P ratings for state governments as of July 15 2011.

Delaware AAA
Florida AAA
Georgia AAA
Indiana AAA
Iowa AAA
Maryland AAA
Minnesota AAA
Missouri AAA
Nebraska AAA
N. Carolina AAA
Utah AAA
Virginia AAA
Wyoming AAA
Alaska AA+
Idaho AA+
Kansas AA+
New Mexico AA+
N. Dakota AA+
Ohio AA+
Oklahoma AA+
Oregon AA+
S. Carolina AA+
S. Dakota AA+
Tennessee AA+
Texas AA+
Vermont AA+
Washington AA+
Alabama AA
Arkansas AA
Colorado AA
Connecticut AA
Hawaii AA
Louisiana AA
Maine AA
Massachusetts AA
miss AA
Montana AA
Nevada AA
New Hampshire AA
New York AA
Pennsylvania AA
Rhode Island AA
West Virginia AA
Wisconsin AA
Arizona AA-
Kentucky AA-
Michigan AA-
New Jersey AA-
Illinois A+
California A-

The ratings do change gradually over time but only gradually.
The table I got the list above from was on the website.   They also have an info graphic that shows the history of upgrades and downgrades for each state from 2001 to 2011.

The TaxFoundation website put together a nice graphical map showing the ratings by state.

The actual data is from Standard & Poor and they have specifics for each state buried among all the municipalities of each state on their website. BUT.. you may need to register and log in to get to full reports.


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