May 23, 2012

Credit Ratings By Nation

You probably heard that the U.S. credit rating was downgraded recently.    But even with a step down we're still among the highest rated nations.   Check out the following graphic gizmo from to see how our nations credit rating compares to other countries around the world:


Citation: How Moody's, S,, viewed 22nd May, 2012, .

The embedded graphic doesn't fit very well into my article column.   If you have difficulty with this version then visit Chartbin directly for the full size version.



  1. Southeast Asia countries have pretty bad rating. :(

  2. Joe: Yeah there are a lot of low ratings out there. I'll do a list of the ratings of the individual US states tomorrow. (Most US states are better than most nations)

  3. I find it is hard to trust investment rating and agencies. There has been so many scandals...

    The other thing it is just to keep money within the country, for example the pension funds can only invest
    in funds with "high grade". Rating of any company could not be higher than sovereign rating of the country.

    It is just another way to harvest the money in the right direction. All of a sudden highly criticized China in the western media receives
    high grade rating ?

    I guess it is tail wagging the dog. It is too late to invest in China, people should have done it 10-15 years ago..but then it did not have high grade rating ; -)


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