August 3, 2011

Discount Internet from Comcast for Children on Free lunch

If you or someone you know is a low income family with children then you may qualify for $9.95 /month discount internet service from Comcast.   The program is called Internet Essentials.    Comcast runs the deal so you have to be in their service area.     To qualify you have to have one or more children who get free lunches at school.   Generally my understanding is that people qualify for free lunches if their income is below a threshold equal to about 130% of the poverty line.   If you qualify for the program then you also have the option to buy a discount price netbook computer for $149.99 + tax.

I think that having Internet at home is pretty important.   It may seem like a luxury but nowadays I would assume that any kid doing a school report would rely on the internet more than anything.   If a low income child doesn't have internet access then this could put them at a serious disadvantage and internet access at libraries is often limited.

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