August 15, 2011

Average Electircity Costs by State

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has data on rates for electricity usage.   I got the data from this page : Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State 

I'm using just the residential prices and the data was from early in 2011.

Here are the average costs of electricity in cents per kiloWatt hour (kWh)  for each state:

U.S. 11.79
Alabama 11.05
Alaska 17.67
Arizona 10.97
Arkansas 9.01
California 14.6
Colorado 11.14
Connecticut 18.15
Delaware 13.95
District of Columbia 13.24
Florida 11.63
Georgia 10.84
Hawaii 32.89
Idaho 7.84
Illinois 11.9
Indiana 10.52
Iowa 10.56
Kansas 10.6
Kentucky 9.33
Louisiana 8.92
Maine 15.37
Maryland 14.01
Massachusetts 14.29
Michigan 12.61
Minnesota 10.98
Mississippi 10.76
Missouri 9.48
Montana 9.52
Nebraska 8.93
Nevada 12.08
New Hampshire 16.53
New Jersey 16.25
New Mexico 10.5
New York 17.52
North Carolina 10.39
North Dakota 8.29
Ohio 11.3
Oklahoma 10.07
Oregon 9.43
Pennsylvania 13.34
Rhode Island 16.32
South Carolina 11.32
South Dakota 8.9
Tennessee 9.95
Texas 11.45
Utah 8.46
Vermont 16.39
Virginia 10.5
Washington 8.14
West Virginia 9.44
Wisconsin 13.01
Wyoming 8.94

The median is 10.98¢.   The maximum is in Hawaii at 32.89¢.   The least expensive is Idaho at 7.84¢.   About 2/3 of the states are between 8.5¢ and 13.5¢.

Here's a map showing the rates split up with under 10¢ in green, 10-15¢ in yellow and over 15¢ in red:

Keep in mind that these are just averages at the state level.   Simply looking up your state on the table here won't give you an accurate number for the amount you'd pay yourself.   The cost varies from utility to utility within each state as well.   My father's utility charges 2¢ less than the average for his state and the largest utility in his state charges 2¢ more than the state average.  Individual utilities may also charge different kwh rates based on different times of the year or day.

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