August 26, 2011

Check Your Email - might owe you $10.. give or take

Today I got an email with the subject "Notice of Settlement" from the email address    I didn't recognize that email address and at first glance the message was just some legal mumbo jumbo.    I might have ignored it and gone on with my day.  However I read the mail and found it was a notice that is setting a class action lawsuit and paying out $2.5 million to customers

Details on the lawsuit are here :  News of the settlement is also discussed in this independent site.    Apparently they had up to 60 million subscribers impacted by the class.   You did not have to have a paid account at Classmates to be in the pool of eligible customers.   The lawyers estimate that about 250,000 people will file a claim so that the $2.5 million would be split out to $10 per person.   That means that approximately 59,750,000 people would be leaving money on the table.   

I don't even recall for sure if I signing up for myself.   But I guess I did at some point in the past 15 years cause I have a very old email where I sent them a request to 'unsubscribe' from their messages. 

If you're are in one of the customers eligible for a share of the settlement then you should have received a similar email or should receive one shortly.  You have to get an email from them to file a claim since the email has a a couple unique number code's you'll need to file the claim online.  

Check your email to see if you have a message with subject "Notice of Settlement" from the email address   If you do then follow the process to file a claim online.  It takes a few minutes and is quite painless.  They don't want any super private information just your email (which they have) and your address.   You've got until November to file a claim, but no reason to wait if you can do it now.

I'm hoping that nobody else files a claim and I'm the sole person to get all $2.5 million.   Or I guess if you file a claim we'll split it $1.25 million each.  Deal?

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