August 30, 2011

$13 in FREE Movie Rentals from Amazon and BlockBuster

You can get $5 free credit towards Video on Demand rentals from Amazon

  1. Click here
  2. Click on the "Tweet and Get $5" button
  3. You will be prompted to log in to connect your Twitter account
  4. Click on the "Allow" button
  5. You will receive the following message at the end: "We have successfully applied a $5 credit to your account, good for movies and TV shows at Amazon Video On Demand."Optional: Follow us on Twitter
When you do the above it will issue a Tweet from your Twitter account talking about the Amazon deal.

You can also get several free DVD rentals via BlockBuster Express kiosks using the promo codes listed below :

Expires October 9th : ROCKNROLL
Expires  Sept 2
 Expires Sept 3 :9HLG4X
Expires August 31 :GORACETRAC

The Blockbuster codes are only good for DVD rentals and not Blu-Ray.

I found the Amazon deal on and the Blockbuster codes on Fatwallet.

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