April 4, 2011

Summary of Travel Related Articles

Now would be a good time to start planning a summer vacation.  I've written quite a bit about travel over the years.   Take look back at some of those articles for some good travel related money saving ideas.

General Travel Frugal Tips

First of all you can use some basic ideas to save money on your transportation and lodging :

Planes,Trains, Buses and Cars - Picking How to Get There- Save money on getting there and back by picking the 'best' option.
Save money on car rental by changing rental location - You can cut your rental car costs by using this trick.
Using Hotwire and Betterbidding.com for good hotel rates and eBates and Hotwire.com or Hotel.com for 2-3% off hotels - These are a couple ways to shave some cost off of your hotel costs.
Milking The Most out of Miles

Don't pass up free airline miles and hotel points.   If you travel much those free rewards can add up over time.

Consolidate your airline miles and hotel points - Its better to have all your points on as few as systems as possible rather than having small amounts of points across several companies.
How airline loyalty can pay off - Sticking to certain providers might make sense.

Sign up for Mileage card and get free airfare- Using a mileage credit card can get you a free trip.
Should I cash in airline miles sooner or save them - Consider when to use the miles to maximize the benefit.
Cheap ways to delay expiration of airline miles - Keep your miles from dying or expiring.
Ways to use small amounts of airline miles- Finally if you can't use the miles for travel then you might get some other benefit out of them

Vegas Baby!

I lost count of how many times I've been to Vegas.  Its at least a dozen times I'm sure.   I learned a few things in my multiple trips and some of my experience there can help save you money.

A few frugal learnings from Vegas vacation
Beware Las Vegas Resort Fees - If you're booking a hotel in Vegas you need to know about this so you don't get caught with that surprise $120 extra bill for the resort fee you didn't notice when you booked the room.
Saving Money in Vegas series: Ground transportation, Hotels, Food, Entertainment - This is a series of sub topics covering different costs in Vegas and how you can save money in each category.

Miscellaneous Travel : GPS good, Timeshare bad

GPS navigation for your car saves time and money  - I really like my GPS unit.   I think its a great buy and it can be helpful on vacation trips too. I may be stretching it to try and claim they are money savers, but hey if they save time thats good enough.
Buying a timeshare is not a good idea - Frankly I think that timeshares are a horrible rip off.   

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