April 11, 2011

Living in a Closet

Check out this story about a woman who lives in a 90 square foot "apartment":  Simple life in Manhattan: A 90-square-foot home  She pays $700 a month for it.   It is however just a block from Central Park and it even includes a full bathroom.    If you check out the article they have a Youtube video too where she shows the apartment.

My first thought was that I could never live in such a small place.   I mean 90 sq foot is the size of a walk in closet or a medium to size bathroom.   But once you see it its  really not that bad.   For one she seems to have 12' ceilings and she has organized the space to take advantage of that extra height.   There is a full bathroom which is small but not unlivable.   After seeing the video I think I could live fairly comfortably in such a small space.

I'm actually reminded of my college dorm room.   For a couple years in college I lived in a small single room in the dorms.  My room was about 9' x 9' in size.   It did not have its own bathroom but it wasn't very well organized and they had a closet that was too big relative to the room size which took up about 25% of the rooms space.  I was quite comfortable in that dorm room as a single person.

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