April 1, 2011

100% Free Government Funded Housing and Medical in Retirement

Disclaimer: Do not follow this advice.   This 100% FREE government program is not for you.  Nothing to see here, move along.
This is a guest post by "Big Rod" who writes about bartering, protection services, home wine production and retirement advice in his blog : bighousemoney.org

Many Americans struggle to save enough money to adequately support themselves during retirement.   And we all know that Social Security is / was / will be bankrupt any minute now.    So what is a person to do?

Well I have a solution that you may not have thought about.  Several of my relatives are using this fully government funded retirement program to get free room and board after they've reached retirement age.   These institutions are all across the nation and fully funded by a ever growing share of tax dollars.   Through a fairly simple legal process any American citizen or even legal and illegal resident can obtain access to this retirement system entirely free of charge!

While accommodations in the facilities are not luxurious we can not expect too much considering the price.  Typically residents are required to share housing with another resident or 'bunkmate'.    Food is generally healthy and served three times a day but it may not be exactly high cuisine.   Medical care is provided free of charge as well.  

3 hots and a cot
There are of course some negatives with this system.   Theres always a 'catch'.  In some areas the institutions may be full so multiple attempts at entry may be necessary.   Security within the facility may be a issue as well due to over crowding and the generally violent nature of some of your fellow bunkmates.   Trading cigarettes protection or hand crafting a self defense device known as a 'shiv' is often recommended.

While the exact nature of the establishments may vary from state to state every single state in the U.S. has at least one.   There are also facilities managed at the local, state and federal level.   These institutions are often known as correctional facilities or sometimes colloquially refereed to as 'prisons'.

Or instead of going to prison you could just get a good education, work hard to build a sustainable career for yourself, spend less money than you earn and then save 15% of your income in retirement accounts.

p.s. if its not obvious please notice the date today is April 1st.
p.p.s you did see that big red disclaimer right?

Photo of cake By Holidayextras and prison by Tim Pearce, Los Gatos

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