January 3, 2010

Net Worth Annual Summary for 2009

Here is how our net worth changed for the past 12 month period:

Bit of detail on each category:

Cash: Cash increased primarily due to income from my job. But I also got some cash from selling stock and selling an extra car my wife had. We also spent a good chunk of money landscaping our yard and insulating our home.

Stocks :
Stocks dropped because I sold off some stock in my employer that I'd held.

Retirement : I've got retirement funds in a 401k, employer pension account and Roth IRA account. My retirement is almost all in equities. The stock market rebounded nicely in 2009 so I'm up considerably.

Home : The value of our home is flat overall for 2009. Earlier in the year it went down then it started to go up. It peaked at $241k in the summer after hitting a low of $218k in the early spring.

Rentals : Our rental properties went up overall.

Cars : My wife had an old used car that we ended up selling. The car actually sold for about $1800 rather than the $2500 that we'd estimated the value at.

Home Mortgage : We have a 15 year mortgage on our home and we pay $800 a month extra towards the principal. Towards the end of the year I upped that to $900 a month. So over the year we've paid down over $16k on the home mortgage.

Rental mortgage : We have a 30 year mortgage on one rental property that we pay the normal minimum payment on. That mortgage is being whittled a way a few hundred a month.

Big changes in our net worth are:

  • Cash went up about $13k. (about $4k is from sale of other assets)
  • Retirement rebounded by 36% growing by about $31k.
  • Real estate assets climbed modestly.
  • Mortgages were paid down by about $20k.
These are all positive changes in net worth and in our annual net worth overview there are no real negatives that I see.

Overall our net worth is up over $69,000 for the year.

I'm of course very happy with this and hope that the trend continues in 2010.


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