January 6, 2010

Credit Line increase Denied!

Out of curiosity more than anything I decided to see if I could get my credit line on my Citibank Mastercard increased. For me they had a short form to fill out where you tell them your income, bank account # and amount of credit you want. I already have a $24,100 credit limit so that is awfully high and I got that limit a couple years ago when banks were a lot more free flowing with their credit . So I'm really not offended or surprised they declined me. One reason I tried for the limit increase is that I'd heard a higher available credit line is supposed to help your credit score.

Below is a slightly edited version of the message I got from Citi:

Dear JIM xxxxx:
Thank you for your interest in obtaining an increase in your
revolving credit line on your Citi® Dividend World account.
We are unable to approve an increase for you at this time. Our
review of your total income and credit profile indicates that you
already have the maximum amount of revolving credit our policy
will allow.
If you have any questions regarding your request, you may contact
us at the address above. If you have any other questions
regarding your account, you may contact our Customer Service
Center at 1-866-xxx-xxxx.
[Guys name]
Mgr., Consumer Credit Services

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