January 8, 2010

December Heat Bill Down 30% from Last Year

Since I got my home insulation improved I've been tracking my electricity bill this year compared to last to see how much we've been saving on our heat.   October numbers were down 50% and November was down 21%   

Our electric bill for December came out at $241.99.   Last year in December our bill was $313.   If I assume that the non-heat related electricity is about $80 then that means we spent $233 on heat last year and $162 on heat this year.  Thats a 30% savings on heat bill this December over least year.

December 2008 : $313
December 2009 : $242

The month of December was a little bit colder in 2009 compared to 2008.  In 2009 December had about 854 degree days here and in 2008 it was about 875.     I am also working with the general assumption that our electricity usage has not varied significantly this year compared to last year.

December 2008 : 854 degree days
December 2009 : 875 degree days

If you look at October, November and December combined we can get a better picture:

Total electric bill:
Oct - Dec 2008 : $679
Oct - Dec 2009 : $543

Estimated Electricity used for heat
Oct - Dec 2008 : $439
Oct - Dec 2009 : $303

 Difference = $135 or 31% savings in heat bill so far this winter

This winter has been a little colder than last year.
Total degree days
Oct - Dec 2008: 1,718 DD
Oct - Dec 2009: 1,827 DD

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