December 28, 2009

Time for After Christmas Shopping

Now that Christmas is past us its a good time to go buy some Christmas stuff. If you need any wrapping paper, Christmas decorations or holiday cards you're sure to find them for bargain prices this week. I would assume most stores are running sales to clear out their holiday stuff. has a sale on their holiday items. Seems their discounts are in the 30-75% range. HomeDepot also has a clearance sale and they are selling a bunch of stuff for 50% off. Those are just the first two websites I randomly chose to check out. If you're going to shop online then try using Ebates and get a further discount. Ebates has 5% back for Target and 3% back for HomeDepot. Course like I said those are just two randomly selected stores and I'm pretty sure most other stores will have holiday stuff on sale.

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