December 15, 2009

Buy $25 get $5

There are several restaurants out there that offer a "Buy $25 Get $5" deal. By this I mean that if you buy a $25 gift card from them that they will give you a free $5 coupon or gift card. A trick to use with these offers is to buy a card for yourself at a restaurant you know you go to and get yourself $5 off by doing so.

Here are a few restaurants that offer such deals:

Buffalo Wild Wings : From the Buffalo Wild Wings homepage click on the 'tip yourself' promo. But you can't get their deal online and you have to go into the store. Buy before 12/31.

Red Lobster :
You can get Red Lobster gift cards online. Use promo code FCC5425 and buy before 12/21. If you buy a $25 gift card then you get a coupon worth $5 off of 2 entrees.

Red Robin : Get $5 in 'bonus bucks' for every $25 you spend.

Denny's : For the deal from Denny's they have a $1.95 s/h fee so I'd recommend you go to a store to buy in person.

If you're buying online then make sure theres no shipping or handling fees. I didn't see any on the Red Lobster or Red Robin sites but they might sneak in a fee when you check out.

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