December 17, 2009

Retracting a previous article on New York Life insurance

I had previously posted an article saying that New York Life Whole Life Policy Ad Overstating Returns. After a comment from a representative of New York Life they correct a mistaken assumption that I had made. I originally thought they had overstated their returns by not counting the annual premiums in their calculations, but they had in fact added in the premium costs so I was incorrect. SO I've edited that article to state that I am retracting it and I put the word "NOT" into the title.

In this case I was wrong so I've corrected it.


  1. I am not affiliated with the company you mentioned, but want to thank your for correcting your comments. Too many bloggers post things without concern and refuse to correct themselves.

    Glad to know that #1 your're human and #2 you're willing to admit it

  2. Thank you Randy. I'm just a little embarrassed that I screwed up. But as you said, everyone is human and in this case its best to do whats right and fix the error. I'm actually glad that the rep. from NY Life caught my error quickly so that I could fix it. I'd hate to have bad info on my blog like that.


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