December 30, 2009

Possible Bargains on Pontiac and Saturn cars

So apparently Pontiac and Saturn cars have very deep dealer discounts right now. Looking at both their websites they are advertising $6500 cash back on all cars. Saturn offer and Pontiac offer

With a $6500 cash back incentive you could get some pretty cheap new cars. The Pontiac G3 is $14,335 MSRP so $6,500 off that would make it $7,835 for a new compact car which is pretty hard to beat.

GM will continue to support both brands so your warranty will be valid and they'll sell parts for the cars in the future. But it seems to me like there might be a catch somewhere. I get the cheapest cars like the G3's have sold quickly to bargain hunters and with Pontiac and Saturn both being shut down there might only be a few cars left on lots. If you're in the market for a new car then it might be worth a look though.

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