December 30, 2009

Comment Policy

Comments are encouraged on this blog. I do moderate comments. Here is my policy for comments:

  1. Spam or other obvious advertisements are not allowed.
  2. Solicitation for business ventures or advertising agreements are not allowed.
  3. Abusive or offensive language towards anyone (including myself) is not allowed.
  4. Religious or political argument in comments is not allowed.
  5. Links to offensive sites in comments are not allowed.

If any comment violates this policy than I reserve the right to remove it without notice.

1 comment:

  1. This is one of the things that drives me nuts as a blogger. My blog doesn't generate much traffic and I'm still having to deal about five spam comments a day that the spam filter missed. Oh how I wish someone would create a better tool for filtering these for Wordpress based blogs!


I'm starting to get too many spam messages in the comments so I'm turning on moderation. Please be patient and wait for your comment to be approved. Note it may take up to a few days for approval, thanks. I've also had to remove anonymous posting of comments to cut down on spam and pure stupidity.

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