September 29, 2015

Promo Codes for $15 Off at Boxed (with a little work) has a number of $15 off promo codes for

Find codes at the site

It may take a little work to find one that works.   It appears they are codes to refer friend with 5 uses each.   The codes all appear to be 5 digit random alpha numeric codes.   It looks like the codes are only good for your first order at Boxed.    I tried applying a second code and it told me I can only be invited once.    Also looks like minimum order for the code is $50 but I'm not 100% sure on that point as I can't test it again.   But $15 off a $50 purchase with free shipping is a good deal. prices also seem pretty competitive.

I had to try a few of the codes myself before I found one that worked.   The first 2-3 I tried said the codes were used up by users.   That indicates that the codes have a limited number of uses.   So I kept trying until I found a code that would work.   When I applied the code it told me that I was referred by someone and gave an email.  Then when I submitted my order it gave me a code to share with 5 friends to give them $15 off and give me a $10 credit after they completed an order.   So it seems these codes are referal codes people are sharing at Retailmenot.    Then once 5 people have used them they're not valid.   But if you check a few of the codes on Retailmenot you may find one thats still good like I was able to.

You can also get 2% cashback at Boxed via Ebates*

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