September 27, 2015 Review

I used a little while ago for the first time.    If you haven't heard of Jet they are a new online merchant.   To shop at Jet you have to have a membership similar to clubs like Costco or Sams club. So they seem to be a mix of Costco and Amazon.

 Jet has been offering a number of different promotions for memberships and discounts.   Here's one list of promo codes or try the Retailme.not list   You can find codes for 1 year or 6 month memberships and $10 or $15 off first purchase.    Now through September 30th they are offering free shipping with no minimum.

For my first purchase at Jet I used one of the discount codes to get $10 off.    I also got a large enough order for free shipping.

At first it was a little hard to see exactly how the discounts at Jet worked.   But basically if you buy more stuff you get a larger discount.   You see the final total discount in your shopping cart.

I normally buy several items on Amazon's subscribe and save deal which gets me the 15% discount rate for buying 5 items at a time.    To make my Jet purchase I looked up each item side by side on Amazon and on Jet to compare prices.   In my case I found two specific items on Jet that were a good discount compared to the price on Amazon so I bought those items.

I also found that if you increase your order quantity for items on Jet then you get a better discount.

As an example lets look at Brawny paper towels at Jet.

The 6 pack of towels is $9.99.   However it says "Add more than 1 item to cart
to get additional savings"    If I increase to 2 packs then it says "$1.20 extra off when you add to cart" which is 60¢ each.   Going to a 3rd pack it goes up to "$2.10 extra off" or 70¢ each.   The discount per roll keeps going up as you add more items.   It hits the limit at 10 items with a $13.90 discount or $1.39 per 6 pack.

But if you're looking for Brawny then you'd do better getting a subscribe & save purchase on Amazon for the Brawny Pick A Size 24 Giant Roll Paper Towel* which is just $28.49 or $1.19 per roll.

If you buy multiple different items on Jet then you also get a better discount.    As a test I added 10 quantity of a bottle of conditioner to the existing order of 10 x 6 packs of Brawny.   The discount for the conditioner was $10.90.    However if I then deleted the Brawny product and just left the conditioner the discount on the conditioner drops down to $10.60.   In this case you save another 30¢ if you buy both products together.   Now thats not a huge discount but its additional savings all the same.

For my order I paid $35.95 total for my order on Jet including the $10 promo credit.    On Amazon the same purchase would cost me $63 and change.     I saved about $27 on these items by buying a higher quantity of them on Jet versus an Amazon subscribe and save deal.

I honestly don't recall how long the items took to arrive from Jet but it wasn't too long.   It seemed the products were drop shipped but I'm not sure on that.  I've also seen people reporting getting drop shipped deliveries from Jet.    I think this is Jets business model.

Here's the basic steps I used to make my purchase and maximize the value at Jet : 
1. get a promo code
2. shop Jet for specific well priced items versus Amazon and other merchants
3. increase quantity of items on Jet order to increase discount

Bottom Line:   Jet can give you a good deal on specific items if you shop around and even better discounts if you buy a larger quantity.  Throw in one of their promo codes and its even better.
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