September 28, 2015

$100 at Boxed at Livingsocial for About $60 Net

Right now Livingsocial has a deal to buy credits at a discount.   You can get $100 credit for $75 or a $175 credit for $125.   You can also get 15% off at Livingsocial.

details : You have to use the entire credit value in one purchase.   SO you can't use your $100 or $175 in multiple orders and if you don't use it all up in one order you'd lose the remainder.   You need to use the credit by Nov. 7th.    The livingsocial 15% deal expires 9/29.

For the $100 credit:
1. Go to Ebates*  and look up livingsocial and follow link to livingsocial to get 6% back
2. At Livingsocial find the deal for $100 for $75
3. Apply the promo code for 15% : 15SMOREOFF, that brings the price down to $63.75
4. once you get the Ebates*  cashback you ought to get another $3.82 back bring the net cost down to about $59.93

So that gets you $100 at for just under $60 total.    Or the $175 deal for about $105.

If you're new to Livingsocial then you can get 15% cash back by using the TopCashBack* portal and signing up as a new customer at Livingsocial.   That would make the net cost about $54.19

I'd of course recommend you first go to Boxed and review their inventory pretty closely to make sure you can really get good value out of $100 or $175 of credit in one buy. actually seems to have pretty good prices for some stuff.    They beat Costco prices on two items we buy regularly.     Getting a 40% discount on top of their prices is a great deal for me.
The minimum order quantity at Boxed is $35 and you get free shipping at $75.  

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