September 11, 2015

Free Cinderella BluRay via Walmart for NEW TopCashBack Members

New members of TopCashBack can now get a Free copy of the Cinderella Blu-Ray.   If you buy the movie at Walmart for $19-20 you can then get $22 cashback from TopCashBack.

visit the :
Walmart Freebies page at TopCashback

This deal is only for NEW members of TopCashBack.

Yes thats a referral link so if you follow my link there I'll get a referral bonus from TopCashBack.

edit :  I should also point out that this is the NEW Cinderella movie from 2015.

Here's the deal as pasted off the TopCashBack page :

Visit Walmart through TopCashback, pre-order one Cinderella Blu-ray DVD while it's priced at any figure between $19 and $20 and within seven days $22 cashback will post in your TopCashback account. 

Walmart's offering free shipping on the purchase or, if you want to get your hands on the movie faster, there's also free in-store pick-up at any of its many locations from the movie's official DVD release date on Tuesday, Septmeber 15 (next week). The $22 should cover the cost of the DVD while it's priced between $19 and $20 and any sales tax you may possibly incur, effectively making this beloved classic fairytale the ultimate fantasy freebie.


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