December 14, 2014

Get Free Stuff From Pampers

This deal will take a little bit of work and patience and its only useful if you have a need for diapers or baby wipes.

Pampers has a program called Pampers Rewards.   If you buy Pampers products they have rewards codes on them.  You can then claim those rewards points on the Pampers Rewards website.   So if you buy a lot of Pampers and save up the rewards you can cash them in for baby toys or similar kinds of free gifts.   Nothing special here, its a typical marketing gimmick.   Buy $1000 of diapers and you get enough points for a free $8 toy (or whatever).

They also have a deal called Grow on which gives you extra rewards for entering at least one pampers rewards each month for multiple months.   If you do it for 3 months you get a prize, if you do it for 6 months you get a bigger price, 9 months, and 12 months.   So its an extra bonus reward for participating every month.  It I assume helps keep people buying Pampers regularly.

However they don't track when you buy the Pampers items.   So if you're buying Pampers items you can save up your points codes and  redeem them once a month rather then do them as you get them.   If you spend ~$20-22 on a box of wipes packs on Amazon ( Pampers Natural Clean Wipes 12x Box with Tub 864 Count) you'll have 12 codes.  Use those once a month over a year and you'll get all the free gifts.   So even if you use the Kirkland wipes at Costco or some other cheaper brand it could be worth getting some Pampers wipes just for the codes to get the free gifts.

So here's the steps:
1. Sign up for Pampers Rewards
2. Get yourself 12 official rewards codes from purchase of diapers or wipes
3. Each month enter your rewards on the Pampers rewards site.
4. Cash in free gifts.

Here are the Grow on rewards :

3 month :
    100 Pampers Rewards Points
    $5 eGift Card from Alex Toys
    A set of 24 Personalized Labels from Shutterfly

6 month :
    200 Pampers Rewards Points
    A set of 25 Photo Cards (4 x 8) from Shutterfly
9 month :
    300 Pampers Rewards Points
    Personalized 12 month wall Calendar from Shutterfly

12 month :
    400 Pampers Rewards Points
    12x12 Photo Book from Shutterfly
    Melissa & Doug® Beginner Band Set
    Smart Play Pad™

I think the Shutterfly gifts are the best value there.

So for a couple minutes a month for a year you can end up with 24 personalized labels, 25 photo cards, a personalized calendar and a 12x12 photo book.    You may also have enough points from the wipes themselves for a minmal value free gift.

To get even more you can look for free promotional points.  At least a couple times a month I see free Pampers points  shared on the Fatwallet forums free forum.   So you can extra get free points there.  However note that the free online points or promotional points you get do not count for Grow on.

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