December 3, 2014

$40 of Amazon Gift Cards for $30 via Gyft (new members)

At you can get $40 of Amazon gift cards for $30.     You can also buy other brands of gift cards if you want, I'm using Amazon as its most flexible.   Other options include : Kohls, Home Depot, Starbucks and many others.

1. Create a new Gyft account and you'll get a $5 Gyft credit
2. Use the $5 credit to buy a $15 Amazon gift card using Google Wallet to check out and this will get you the $5 ToysRUs credit
3. Make another separate purchase of a $25 Amazon gift card using FDFAMILY promo code.

This full deal works like this only if you're a new Gyft member and using  Google wallet to check out.  If you're not a new member you can still use the FDFAMILY to get $5 off a $25 purchase.

Total spent $30
Total received $25 + $15 Amazon cards and $5 ToysRUS promo

I found out about this at Fatwallet

edit 12/4 : I changed the steps a bit since they are apparently now not taking the FDFAMILY code along with Google wallet

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