December 16, 2014

5% Cash Back Promo Categories for Q1 2015

Here are the 5% cash back categories for Chase, Citibank and Discover coming in Q1 of 2015:

Chase : Grocery stores (no Walmart or Target), movie theatres, Starbucks
Citi : Macy's, home furnishings stores
Discover : Gas and ground transportation (bus, taxi, rental cars, etc)

You can activate all three right now.

Grocery stores and gas are good categories.   I've got the Barclay SallieMae card and get 5% on those but they're limited at $250 a month.   We don't buy that much gas but we certainly spend more than $250 on grocery so I can use the Chase card for that category for sure.

The average household spends about $330 a month on 'food at home' and $200 a month on gas so 5% back on those combined equates to nearly $80 in cash back for the quarter.     Or about $64 above the 1% you would earn otherwise on typical cash back deals. 


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