May 1, 2014

The Cost of Buying Pre Cut Prepared Produce vs Raw Produce

We sometimes buy a little cantaloupe at the store.   In the produce section they usually have plastic containers of pre cut cantaloupe.   I assume that its basically a huge markup to buy the pre cut melon like that versus just buying a whole melon then cutting it up yourself.  

I bought a whole cantaloupe for $1.49 /lb.   The cantaloupe in question was 2.49 lb and cost $3.71.    I cut up the cantaloupe and ended up  with just about 16 oz. of fruit.   Only about 40% of the melon was eatable fruit after getting rid of the rind and the seeds.   If I was more careful with my cutting I probably could have gotten more eatable melon but I got 40%. 

So I paid about $3.71 per pound of eatable melon.

Cut melon in a container at that store cost $2.99 for an 8 oz. portion.   Thats $5.98 per pound precut.

If you cut the melon yourself you save $2.26 per pound.    I don't know how long it too me to cut up the melon, but I'd guess it was around 5-10 minutes.   That works out to $13-27 /hr of time.

I'd say its certainly worth it to spend the extra time to chop up a melon.   Plus the freshly cut melon is better tasting as well.


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