May 20, 2014

Entertainment Coupon Book Annual Renewal Gotcha - Charges $5 to Cancel

Right now has their coupon books on sale for $5 with free shipping.   That seems like a great deal.  However they have an * that this is only when you sign up for their Annual Renewal Program, a typical marketing trick.   But usually when you sign up for auto-renewal you are told you can "cancel at any time".   Sure you can cancel the program with Entertainment but when you cancel they charge you $5 to do so.   If you don't cancel then they'll send you a 2015 book for $5 off the retail price.   Retail price is $35 (may vary depending on market).  

Entertainment coupon book's annual renewal program charges you a $5 fee to cancel.

If you still want a 2014 book then you can buy one for $5 and then cancel auto renewal and pay the $5 fee for a $10 total.  May not be a bad deal depending if you value the books at $10.

Below is a copy paste of the terms quoted off the website, (emphasis added by me):

*Annual Renewal Program Details:
  1. If you already have a book(s) enrolled in the annual renewal program, any book(s) purchased through this promotion will be added to your renewal order.
  2. Receive your 2014 Entertainment® book(s) for only $5 when you enroll in our Annual Renewal Program. The cost of future year's renewal book(s) will be $5 less than retail price (retail price varies by book) and shipping will be FREE. Renewal books are ready for shipment to customers in August. Coupons are valid immediately.
  3. Each year the latest Entertainment® Book edition(s) will automatically be sent to you. We'll send you official notification (via email or regular mail) approximately one month prior to shipping your Annual Renewal book(s). This notification will confirm your discount Renewal price, the approximate ship date, and instructions on how to update/cancel your Renewal order, should you wish to do so.
  4. If you cancel prior to receiving your book(s) through the Annual Renewal program (2015 Book) your credit card will be charged a $5 cancellation fee per book. If you do not cancel your Annual Renewal membership, Entertainment® will charge your Credit Card when the new book is printed and ready to ship. If you return your book(s) after receiving it, you will be charged a $7.95 return shipping and handling fee per book. See complete return policy on our web site.
  5. If your Credit Card reaches its expiration date, your failure to cancel after receipt of our notification will constitute your authorization for us to continue billing your card. The credit card you supply will be securely stored and will only be used for the Entertainment® Annual Renewal transaction.
  6. Annual Renewal Enrollment is limited to 10 Books per customer.
  7. Entertainment® reserves the right to modify this program.


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