May 6, 2014

How Often Does Macy's Have Sales on Items?

Recently we had to buy something at Macy's.   We had to buy a replacement for an item that we received as a gift which was damaged.   The item in question was on sale one about 33% off week and I delayed in buying it then the sale ended.   So I decided to wait and see if it would go on sale again.   A few weeks later it was on sale again for 33% off plus an extra 10% off.   

Given this experience seeing an item on sale, then off then back on I wondered how often stuff goes on sale at Macy's.  I decided to semi randomly pick 3 items from different product categories and track their prices for a few weeks.

Here are the prices I saw:

Polo shirt Kira Fabric Chair Kitchenaid Blender
Regular $79.99 $699 $219.99
3/31 $59.99 $699 $149.99
4/7 $59.99 $499 $219.99
4/14 $59.99 $499 $219.99
4/21 $59.99 $699 $219.99
4/28 $59.99 $499 $219.99
5/5 $59.99 $499 $138.59

As you can see sales are pretty frequent at least for this small sample that I looked at.
The shirt was on sale the whole time and I'm guessing it might remain on sale until they decide to put it on clearance.   The chair was on sale over half the time.   The blender only went on sale a couple times but as you can see there waiting might pay off since this week its on sale for the best deal.  

Macy's also has a price guarantee policy for 14 days so if you buy the item and then its on sale in the next two weeks for a lower price they'll refund the difference.   They do not have a price match policy to match other retailers however.

Bottom line : I'm expecting that if you want to buy something at Macy's then waiting a few weeks will pay off since they seem to put stuff on sale every few weeks.


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