May 8, 2014

Several Services To Accept and Make Rent Payments

We normally get our rent paid via check.   Lately though, unfortunately, one of our tenants has bounced a check and we no longer will take checks from them.    They've paid with cash or money orders.    Because of this problem I decided to look into what other methods there are to accept rent that might work for us.    I found the different options below and decided to just present them as a list.   I have not used any of these yet myself.

Fees :  $1 per payment paid by landlord
Method : Electronic bank transfer
Guaranteed?  No

Fees : 2.95% of credit or $10 for cash, free for ACH paid by tenant
Method : electronic bank transfer, credit card, cash
Guaranteed? not sure

Fees : flat $3.95 fee per payment paid by tenant
Method:  Cash payment accepted at local 7-Eleven, deposited electronically
Guaranteed?  Yes

Fees : $9 per tenant monthly paid by landlord
Method : electronic bank transfer
Guaranteed? No

Fees : zero if billing goods/services up to $1000
Method :  credit cards via Amazon
Guaranteed?   not sure

Fees :  2.9% + 30¢ for goods and services paid by landlord
Methods : Credit cards or bank withdrawal
Guaranteed?  not sure

Fees : 2.9% for credit cards and $1.95 for ACH 
Method : electronic bank transfer or credit cards
Guaranteed?   not sure

Chase Quickpay
Fees : none but one person must have a Chase bank account
Methods: electronic bank transfer
Guaranteed?  no


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  1. Amazon Payments is great if your landlord will accept it. You can pay your rent and take advantage of credit card rewards without losing them to a fee.


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