May 22, 2014

FREE - $23 in Amazon App Credit

OK here's the deal.   Amazon has something called Amazon Coins which are basically credits good towards purchase of applications for Android or Fire.    As a promo for some apps they will give free coins.  Right now 5 apps will give you 1,000 coins combined.

"Buy" these 5 free apps :
Food Network In the Kitchen
iHeartRadio - Free Music & Internet Radio
Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
Don't step the white tile
Dr. Panda's Restaurant

 That will net you the free 1,000 coins ($10 value).

Then if you also buy GTA San Andreas for 699 coins you get 2,000 coins.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Kindle Fire Edition)

That gives you a total of 2301 coins or $23.01 in value to use on whatever apps you may want.

You don't actually need to install the apps on your phone or Kindle and it doesn't matter if you actually have a Kindle Fire or not.  

Hurry, the deals will probably not last long.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! And laying out the step-by-step. I think I saw this on slickdeals but it wasn't all in one place like this.


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