May 13, 2014

Plink - Earn Rewards For In Store Purchases

I just ran across reference to a site called Plink.    Basically its a rewards program for shopping at certain merchants using linked credit or debit cards.

Here's how it works : 
1. Join Plink
2. Connect Plink to your credit or debit card
3. Add merchant offers to your Plink wallet, the wallet has up to 3 open slots initially
4. Shop at the merchants in your wallet to earn some Plink points
5. Cash in your points for rewards in the form of gift cards

If you follow my referral link you'll start with 300 bonus points.    Plus I'll get a 100 point referral bonus as well (thank you).

For example to earn points I see an offer at Panda Express to get 25 points if you spend $6 or 100 if you spend $15.  Then redeeming rewards you can get a $5 gift certificate for 500 points.   So that 100 reward for spending $15 amounts to $1 in value back.

Current list of merchants you can earn rewards at :

Panda Express,
Regal Cinemas
Red Robin
Longhorn Steakhouse
Advance Auto Parts
Vitamin World
Puritans Pride
Foot Locker
EStbay CCS
Champs Sports
United Artist Theatres
Edwards Theatres
Burger King
Dunkin Donuts

Note you have to pay attention for some of these to know if the purchases require in-store transactions or not.   For example Tigerdirect has to be in-store.

List of gift cards you can redeem points for :

Tango Card
Facebook Credits
Barnes & Noble

-- This article may contain referral links which pay this site a commission for purchases made at the sites.

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