December 6, 2013

Best of Blogs for Week of December 6th

Every Friday afternoon I share some of the more interesting or notable posts that I have seen in the personal finance blogs and other sources for the past week

PlanetMoney tells us about The Afterlife Of American Clothes
Which is something I've wondered about when seeing folks in Africa on TV who are wearing oddly out of place shirts form the USA.

MoneyBox says Black Friday Sales Tell Us Nothing About The Economy

DQYDJ asks After You Pay Off Your Debt, Then What?

Being Poor from John Scalzi is kind of old now but he really nails it.

Business Insider says Tipping Less Than 20% Will Make You Seem Cheap

I don't necessarily agree with that conclusion but they present some interesting data on average tips people leave and it appears now 20% is really the new standard.


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