April 25, 2013

Our Asset Mix as of April 2013

Here is our total asset mix as of April 2013:

(click for full size)

Nothing worrying there as far as I'm concerned.   We have about 60% of our assets in real estate between our home and our rentals but I think that's fine as real estate is a pretty stable investment (occasional bubble pops aside).    We're also leveraged on our real estate assets about 50%.  

My retirement accounts are invested as follows:
(click for full size)

The retirement is mixed between an employer cash value retirement account that my company manages, a 401k fund that I currently have 100% in a target date fund and my Roth IRA investments that I manage.   The large chunk in 'other' is a concern for me as I am not sure what that stuff is.   I believe my employers retirement account uses stuff like hedge funds and convertible bonds or stuff like that but it may also include commodities.   In any case I have no control over how my employer manages the fund and their performance is OK so it doesn't really matter.    Note I don't include my wifes IRA & 401k here (didn't feel it worth it to ask her).



  1. Don't you think the bond portion is a little low? My allocation is a huge mess right now because I took profit and are holding cash in my IRA now. I think the stock market will have a big correction at some point this year and I'll get back in then.

  2. For my personal risk tolerance I'm OK with a low amount in bonds. At least right now. Also most of my retirement money is ran by my employer so I don't have any control on the asset mix. Plus we have a higher % of assets in no risk cash and fairly safe real estate so I am not as concerned about the risk and volatility with our stock assets.

    However I haven't really designed our asset mix and its just ended up the way it is. We're heavily invested in real estate so that pretty much is the biggest point for us.
    But thats a choice we make.



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