April 25, 2013

Our Asset Mix as of April 2013

Here is our total asset mix as of April 2013:

(click for full size)

Nothing worrying there as far as I'm concerned.   We have about 60% of our assets in real estate between our home and our rentals but I think that's fine as real estate is a pretty stable investment (occasional bubble pops aside).    We're also leveraged on our real estate assets about 50%.  

My retirement accounts are invested as follows:
(click for full size)

The retirement is mixed between an employer cash value retirement account that my company manages, a 401k fund that I currently have 100% in a target date fund and my Roth IRA investments that I manage.   The large chunk in 'other' is a concern for me as I am not sure what that stuff is.   I believe my employers retirement account uses stuff like hedge funds and convertible bonds or stuff like that but it may also include commodities.   In any case I have no control over how my employer manages the fund and their performance is OK so it doesn't really matter.    Note I don't include my wifes IRA & 401k here (didn't feel it worth it to ask her).


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