April 5, 2013

Entertainment.com Coupon Books is Back (still) in Business

Recently I had passed on news that the Entertainment Coupon book company had abruptly shut down and filed for bankruptcy.    However they are actually still up and running and now looking at a bid from a buyer. 

One of their marketing folks said: "We are excited to announce that we have resumed operations as a going concern on March 27, 2013, after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition earlier in March. During this time, we will to continue to serve our consumers, merchants, partners and vendors, pending our sale, which is expected to occur on or about April 22, 2013."

Read their press release : Entertainment Promotions Continues Operation During Ownership Transition

You can get all the details from their press release, but key points :

Entertainment.com is up and running.
They are resuming sales of coupon books
Merchant network is operational


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