April 24, 2013

How to Make a cent or ¢ Symbol

I like to use the cent symbol or '¢' when talking about money.    Doing the $ symbol is easy on a standard keyboard but there is no ¢ key.

Some programs like Microsoft Word have a menu option or other function built in that let you insert symbols of various kinds so you can do it that way.   But generally when you're typing things on the Internet in a browser there isn't an easy way to insert symbols.

You can make a ¢ symbol by using an alt key combination.

This is how to make the cent  ( ¢ ) symbol :

Hold the ALT key and while holding down ALT type the numbers 0162.  

You can use this method to make many other symbols as well.    This website at PSU has a list of alt key codes for various symbols.

A couple other handy currency symbols are : 
British pound = 0163 = £
Euro symbol  = 0128 = €

To make those just use the same method of holding down ALT key while typing the key number.   So ALT-0163 makes £ and ALT-0128 makes €.


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