March 7, 2013

WSJ Digital for 3 months plus $50 Amazon gift card for $22

UPDATE :  I just read that people have figured out that the actual requirement of this deal is that you remain a customer for 5 months to qualify for the $50 gift card.   That would be $22 for the first 3 months plus another $22 for the next two months or a total of $66.    That detail is not mentioned on their website as far as I can see but that is apparently what customer reps at WSJ are telling customer.   Seems like a shady deal if you ask me.

Right now the Wall Street Journal is offering a $50 Amazon Gift card if you sign up for their digital subscription.   The 3 month digital subscription is only $22.   So you can effectively get a $50 Amazon GC for only $22 with a digital WSJ subscription thrown in.   You do get signed up for automatic renewal at the regular rate of $22 per month so you'd have to call to cancel assuming you don't want to keep it.   Or if youre interested in the WSJ this is a great deal to get a free $50 gift card to boot.   To get the deal go to the WSJ site directly and you should see a pop up at the bottom of the screen.    YMMV, I'm not 100% sure this deal is for everyone.

I just read about this on Fatwallet.


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