March 11, 2013

Most Popular Undergrad Degrees 2009-2010

The Dept. of Education statistics has the data on Bachelors degrees earned by field of study.

In that year there were 1.65 million Bachelors handed out.   I took the degrees and figured the % by total. 

Here is the list :

Business  21.71%
Social sciences and history  10.47%
Health professions and related programs  7.86%
Education  6.14%
Psychology  5.89%
Visual and performing arts  5.56%
Biological and biomedical sciences  5.24%
Communication, journalism, and related programs  4.93%
Engineering  4.40%
English language and literature/letters  3.23%
Liberal arts and sciences, general studies, and humanities  2.85%
Homeland security, law enforcement, and firefighting  2.65%
Computer and information sciences   2.40%
Multi/interdisciplinary studies  2.28%
Parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies  2.02%
Agriculture and natural resources  1.60%
Public administration and social services  1.54%
Physical sciences and science technologies  1.42%
Family and consumer sciences/human sciences  1.32%
Foreign languages, literatures, and linguistics  1.30%
Engineering technologies  0.97%
Mathematics and statistics  0.97%
Philosophy and religious studies  0.76%
Architecture and related services  0.61%
Theology and religious vocations  0.53%
Area, ethnic, cultural, gender, and group studies  0.52%
Transportation and materials moving  0.30%
Communications technologies  0.29%
Legal professions and studies  0.24%
Library science  0.01%
Military technologies and applied sciences  0.00%

How many of those graduates do you think are going to face a strong demand for their degrees in the job market?    Seems to be around 1/3 or more of the degrees listed won't have particularly strong markets.


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