February 22, 2012

$510 in Credit Card Rewards for 2011

In 2011 my total cash back rewards from our credit cards was $510.   

We spent about $36,067 on our rewards credit cards so our total rewards return is 1.41% of our spending.

By comparison for 2010 my rewards totaled $686 which was a 1.75% return rate.  Back in 2009 the total rewards was $552 which equates to 1.55% cash back.    The % return for 2011 is lower than the previous two years by a little bit. 

I don't do much work to maximize our rewards.  I just use the two credit cards.   We use the Costco Amex card for the majority of our purchases and the Citibank dividend mastercard for a little bit. 

One reason our rewards dropped in 2011 versus other years is that we have eaten out at restaurants a lot less and the True earnings card dropped the reward rate for restaurants from 3% to 2%.

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