February 28, 2011

$686 in Credit Card Rewards

Last year I got $552 in Credit Card Rewards for a 1.55% return.

This year we got a total of $686 in rewards between our American Express Costco Tru Earnings card and a Citibank Dividend card.    We use the Amex card for most of our purchases but use the Citi as a backup when people don't take Amex.   We also used the Citi for restaurant purchases for a few months when Citi card was offering 5% rebate at restaurants.

$516.12 this year on the Amex on purchases of about $35,155.  Thats a 1.46% return
We also had $170 from our Citibank card.   That was from about $8524 in spending for a 1.99% return.   Most of the Citibank bill was actually a large medical bill that was later reimbursed out of our HSA.

In total we had $686.12 in rewards from $43,697 spending for 1.57% return.   

We put all of our spending on credit cards that we can to maximize the cash back rewards.
We never pay interest on the cards and always pay the balance off in full each month.

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