February 28, 2012

Net Worth Update : February 2012 = $698,548 at a New High

I track my net worth on NetworthIQ.

At the end of February 2012 our net worth was $698,548.     That is a substantial increase of $46,897 versus the last time I reported our networth in September 2011.  

This value of $698,584 is a new high for our net worth.   For nearly the past two years our net worth has mostly bounced around $650,000 give or take $10,000.   Most of that was due to the real estate and stock markets.   Having our net worth go up substantially over the past few months is a nice change.

Our assets are up across the board compared to September.   We've accumulated more cash mostly due to year end bonus money I get from my job.    Our retirement accounts are all up pretty significantly since the stock market has been doing fairly well lately.    Our home is worth a bit less but our rental properties are up overall.   My stock options at work are also worth a fair amount more since my employers stock has been rising steadily lately.

Here's the graphic chart from NetworthIQ :


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  1. Congrats on your net worth. Growing over $200K in 4 years is amazing. Hopefully Europe sorts out their problems so stock markets can continue this up trend.


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