February 29, 2012

Rich People are Evil : Proven by Science!

I'll apologize right off the bat for the title of this article.   No rich people are not evil and it hasn't been proven by science.   But my title here sums up my perception of  this article:  Wealthy More Likely To Lie or Cheat: Researchers.

The article from Bloomberg via Yahoo discusses a study some scientists did that they claim shows that :

The "upper class," as defined by the study, were more likely to break the law while driving, take candy from children, lie in negotiation, cheat to increase their odds of winning a prize and endorse unethical behavior at work
Yes thats right.   Someone actually tested whether or not rich people would steal candy from babies.  Well maybe not babies but at least children.  Its more or less the same thing. If you're an evil rich person and predisposed to stealing candy from children then taking from babies would of course not be off limits either.  Thats just common sense.

But don't worry, they do explain that not ALL rich people are cursed with a black heart, and they say : "Piff and his colleagues also said the associations they found were likely to have exceptions".    Well thats refreshing to know that they opened the door to the possibility that everyone with money isn't necessarily a jerk.

I tried to find the actual study.   Best I came up with was an abstract.   But its one of those deals where they want you to pay money for the full document.   I'd like to have read the entire article but I'm too cheap to spend good money on something like this.    I will just have to be satisfied with mocking the study as reported by the news media.

I suppose the authors next project will determine whether or not handlebar mustached wearing landlords are or are not likely to tie poor helpless girls to railroad tracks.   Stay tuned!



  1. I'm particularly interested in what type of candy the babies had stolen. This seems important to me.

    I think if we complain loudly enough someone with a University subscription to PNAS will dig it up. I'm just jaded because I'm used to surfing around on PubMed and being able to read things...

  2. PK, Yeah thats a good point. The type of candy used certainly could matter. I would imagine that rich people are more likely to steal Ferrero Rocher or some other fancy rich people candy.


  3. My guess is they steal those chocolate coins wrapped in gold colored tin foil =^_^=


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