November 16, 2011

How Airline and Hotel Travel Fees Can Add Up

I was just daydreaming about a trip to Vegas.   So I browsed over to the travel site Orbitz to see what a trip to Vegas might run.  Just some Internet based 'window shopping'. 

I found the following air + 3 nights hotel rate for the Vdara:

This is a pretty good deal for a nice 5 star hotel.   Plus theres a free buffet!

I then scrolled down the page and noticed the following :
Thats interesting.  I haven't flown on Spirit Airlines before.   Apparently they charge for either checked bags or carry-on bags.   $25 doesn't seem like much.  But that fee is charged each way so you'd be paying $25 x 2 for a round trip.   For two people thats $50 each or $100 in bag fees for two people round trip.

Now if you don't pay attention to the fine print above you may show up to the airport with two carry on bags and end up paying $45 each or an extra $90.   If you want to save some money you'll check your bags on the return trip and only spend $25 each or another $50.   In total thats an extra $140 for your bags.

Scroll a little further down the page at Orbitz and you see that there is also a resort fee for the Adara hotel :

When you check into the hotel they should tell you about the resort fee.  For the Aria hotel the fee is $20 per night and its also taxable.   If you stay 3 nights then thats $60 total plus the 12% hotel tax rate for another $7.20 or $67.20.

Between the airline bag fees and the hotel resort fee you're paying an extra $140 + $67.20 or $207.20 in fees.    What started out as a $341  per person trip or $682 total is actually going to cost you $888.20.   This is 30% more in fees.


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