November 20, 2011

Consider Waiting Until Summer To Buy Coupon Books

Today you can buy an coupon book for 20% off and get 35% back from Ebates.   Thats a pretty good deal.   The cost of the book in my city is $35 so the 20% off saves you $7 and then the cash back will save another $9.80 making your end cost only $18.20.   

Last year around this time in Nov. 2010 they had the same exact sale deal.   The Ebates rebate was 35% off and the coupon books were 20% off.   But I remembered that a few months ago the books were on a sale for $10 for two.   In May of 2010 they also had a good sale price with books for $15 and 30% back from Ebates.

With the 4 data points I have heres the price trend :

May 2010 = $10.50
Nov 2010 = $18.20
July 2011 = $5.00
Nov 2011 = $18.20

It seems that the price is highest towards the end of the year when the books for next year first come out and then the books go on deep discount around late spring or summer.

If you can buy a book for $5 or $10 in the summer than why not just wait until the summer when they are on sale and buy the book then? 

Looking through our coupon book some of the coupons have dates that expire earlier in the year.   It may make sense to pay more to get the book early so you can use all the coupons.   But it depends on the coupons and how you make use of them.   It may make sense to wait till early summer and buy a coupon book when they go on sale.

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