October 22, 2011

Should You Have to Pay a $200,000 Cell Phone Bill?

Recently a story broke about a woman who received a $201,005.44 cell phone.   Apparently the charges were legitimate and not just a clerical error or fraud.  She has a deaf brother on her plan who uses his phone to communicate and he went to Canada and didn't turn off data roaming.   T-mobile didn't enforce the full charge and cut the bill to $2,500.

First of all it just seems wrong to have a $200,000 cell phone bill and I don't care how much you used the phone.  

Second while its nice that T-mobile cut the bill about 99%, it still seems excessive to bill someone $2,500 for a months worth of cell phone use.

I would like it if a phone company would notify you if your bill hits certain thresholds.   That seems like common sense.  Nobody is intentionally or knowingly running up $200,000 bills.    If your bill does hit a ridiculous level then i think the only right thing to do is to waive the majority of the bill like T-mobile did.  

What do you think?   Should people be made to pay such a bill if they actually incurred the charges?   Or is this predatory gouging by phone companies?


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