October 24, 2011

Free Magazines from RewardsGold

I just got myself a two year subscription to Entrepreneur magazine for free from RewardsGold.   RewardsGold is a website that gives you free magazine subscriptions for gaining points on their website.  Its easy to get points by completing surveys.

How it works :

When you register with RewardsGold you get 250 points to start.

There are several ways you can earn more points:

250 points  = Refer a friend
250 points = complete a survey
500 points = complete a survey and product review
250 points = register with a Rewardsgold partner
250 points = enter sweepstakes with Rewardsgold partner
500 points = make a purchase with Rewardsgold partner

I think the easiest way is to take the surveys on the RewardsGold website.   Their surveys are simple one page surveys that only take a minute or two.   I timed myself on one survey and it took 70 seconds.   They currently have about 3 dozen surveys to choose from. 

Some of the other methods to gain points don't seem to be available right now.  Like the option to register with a partner or enter a sweepstakes just say that they will email you when opportunities become available.

You can also get 250 points by referring a friend.   To do that you have to give RewardsGold your friends email.   I'd check with your friends first before you go sending them solicitations.  

The magazines they offer change from time to time.   Here's a selection of the magazines currently available:

700 points = Maxim
1400 points = Working Mother for 2 years
1400 points = Cigar Aficionado
1700 points = Entrepreneur for 2 years
2000 points = Forbes
2400 points = Barrons for 26 issues
2400 points = Golf Week
3400 points = Wall Street Journal for 26 weeks

RewardsGold is a simple and easy to use site.   I used it quite a couple years ago to get a free subscription to BusinessWeek and it worked like a charm.   Theres no strings attached and it is really free.


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